3D Works

Final Rendering, Eloïse. Concept and Everything.
Final Rendering, Son Bleu. Concept and Everything.
Renaud, Lives, Phoenix Tour

Creation steps

Creation steps

Projections for singer Renaud, on his live "Phenix Tour" for 2016-2017 :
Songs: "Héloïse", "A la téloche", "Son Bleu"

Generalist, Everything. Done in 3dsMax, Vray, Mari, After effects

Surfacing / Rendering : Editing, 3ds Max , Vray, Mari

Surfacing / Lighting / Rendering

Mappings on the castle of Monfermeil, for city Theater representations
Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering. Done in 3dsMax, Vray, Mari

Ad | Canal+ - Phacochère from Mikros image on Vimeo.

Production Mikros Image for Canal+ advertising:
Fur & simulation of the Warthog & grass, Yeti. (Phacochère)


Making-Of | Nos bébés ont une histoire from Mikros image on Vimeo.

"Nos bébés ont une histoire" : Institutional project showing baby growing-up (5, 7, then 9 mounth) and his interaction with its environment.
Production Mikros Image 

Hair & Fur, Yeti. (Baby Hair & Fur, 5,7,9 mouths steps of evolution)

Chaud Lapin - Animated Short Movie from Chaud lapin on Vimeo.

Chaud Lapin - Graduation Film, 2014
Co-directing - Modeling - Surfacing - Fur - FX - Compositing. Character: Wild Pig: Design, Modeling, surfacing, Fur
Arnold - Maya - Zbrush - Mari - Yeti - Realflow - Nuke


Personal work - design, all, render low params

Chaud Lapin
Graduation Film at Supinfocom Arles, France, 2014

(First work in Yeti) First Step of Fur

Some different steps of Sculpting / Modeling, 
and Texturing / Shading, of the Boar character
Maya, Arnold, Mari

Simulation in Realflow (wine)

 Set &Props Texturing / Shading

 Compositing & Integration    

Le Temple d'Artémis à Ephèse

Short film production's images, for an exhibition,
Partnership Supinfocom Arles School & MuCEM Museum mucem.org/ Marseille, France, 2013

Worked on:
- The deer: Character design & his entire creation (V-Ray / 3DsMax / Hair Farm / Mari)
- Amazon 's dress (modelling) & stuff  (modelling / surfacing)  -  Amazon"s Clothing (in Maya)
- FX: arrow/particles (Pflow / Trapcode Particular)  -  Compositing (Nuke)

Clic on pics to upscale: 

       Pflow Simulation and Trapcode FX / Compositing in Nuke

The Deer:

The Deer with the final rendering - Max / Mari / Nuke
 Fur only on belly, in ears and tail - Hair Farm

Compositing in Nuke

The final shader without the fur

The stylised shading (when wip) 

Firsts tests in Fur with Hair Farm, on the Deer (Wip)
Color developing on photoshop, for hair
 School: Supinfocom (2nd  year), Arles.

 First exercice in Mari, for texturing, 2nd year in Supinfocom, (V-ray rendering):

CGsphere exercice, 2nd year at Supinfocom Arles, all in 3Ds Max / V-ray: (First rendering in V-ray)

First exercice of Sculpting, first year at Supinfocom Arles - done entirely in Mudbox:

Exercice for Modelling/surfacing in Scanline Rendering, in my first year at Supinfocom Arles:


Work in group: Production of a short 3D animated film for Jufox. (Done with Bastien Boutté, Stéphane Lefebre) - Delacave studio, Paris, two-month internship. 
For exemple I made this character, and the expressions:


Turnaround of 3D characters:  Work in group, at first (with Bastien Boutté), and alone for the fishs and the little girl


School: Estienne, "DMA Cinéma d'Animation", 2009-2010. 


My first 3D work: Reproducing the House of film Up from Pixar,  Scanline rendereing
 (The film was not released, I relied on the trailer)

School: Isart Digital (Preparatory class), Paris.